About Dr. Matt Buffan

Dr. Matt's approaches to evaluation and treatment are focused on combining the effects of joint mechanics, muscle action, and rehabilitative procedures to get immediate results.

Dr. Matt Buffan

Dr. Matt is a licensed chiropractor and Integrative Diagnosis full body certified soft tissue specialist with a passion for helping patients reach their optimal health and achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

As an active weight lifter, sailor and outdoor enthusiast. Dr. Matt is well-suited to address the unique needs of athletes and active professionals.

His greatest strengths are in understanding how the body creates movement and reverse engineering to where a problem originates.


Dr. Matt graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2002. Soon after, while performing postgraduate work with cancer patients at the University of Rochester he was inspired to pursue his own healthcare career serving patients.

He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at New York Chiropractic College and has since completed hundreds of hours of postgraduate education in areas that include, Integrative Diagnosis®, Manual Adhesion Release (MAR)®, Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR)®, Clinical Nutrition, Active Release Techniques®, TMJ and orofacial rehabilitation, and the functional rehabilitation of upper and lower body musculoskeletal problems.

Listen to Dr. Matt describe his journey to becoming a Chiropractor and soft tissue specialist on the podcast series EdStories.

If you know of students interested in healthcare, we are happy to have them contact us to learn more about what we do and our interdisciplinary approach.


My goal is to help move persons closer to their own version of optimal health.

I understand that each patient has unique needs. Therefore, I identify your current health status and then treat you according to your condition, goals, sport, and lifestyle.

I work to fuse knowledge from multiple chiropractic and health disciplines in an effort to create more effective, longer-lasting solutions for my patients.