Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Safe. Quality. Results.

Since I started studying whole food nutrition I’ve been amazed by Standard Process and their herbal line Mediherb.

They are food, from an organic farm in Wisconsin, as opposed to the coal tar or petroleum based “nutriceuticals”.

They are the result of synergy and produce further synergy within our body. They are of the highest quality.

The Mediherb is produced in Australia under strict regulations equal to that of pharmaceuticals. It provides the right combination of whole food based supplements.

Our approach is to identify food sensitivities and symptoms related to our body. Begin consuming a clean food and lifestyle.

Dr. Matt traveled to the Standard Process Farm to understand where the food used to create the Standard Process products comes from.

  • Our approach to nutrition is simple. Remove what our body is sensitive to.
  • Standard Process provides whole food nutritional support
  • Our world is more stressful and toxic than ever
  • Our bodies need nutritional support to express our full potential

Standard Process Organic Farm is located in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

  • Dr. Royal Lee founded Standard Process in 1929
  • Standard Process actions show a Commitment to Quality
  • Standard Process Demonstrates Respect for the Earth

The Science of Botanicals.

  • Professor Kerry Bone co-founded in 1986
  • Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing
  • Highest quality assured through stringent testing

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