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Frequently Asked Questions

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Treatment Paradigm Questions

Dr. Matt focuses on the diagnosis, conservative management and rehabilitative treatment of athletic, repetitive or overuse injuries. The goal is to identify your current health status and all of the factors relevant to any dysfunction, and then to treat you according to your individual condition, goals, sport and lifestyle. Treatment is a cutting edge blend of manual therapies, gentle chiropractic adjustments and Movement Rx rehabilitation.

  • Integrated approach to muscular and skeletal problems A different approach using cutting edge systems & tools, allow us to accurately identify and advise how to resolve and manage your complaints about your body. Our goal is to serve you and your unique needs at the highest standard.
  • Treatment approach: A unique blend of MAR & IAR, gentle chiropractic adjustments, and physical rehabilitation a custom Movement Rx.
  • Test-Treat-Re-test model: Patients are re-assessed prior to, during, and after each treatment session to ensure effectiveness of the treatment and adjustments are made accordingly.
  • No passive modalities. Time in the office is spent identifying and treating dysfunction through manual methods.
  • Extremity conditions. The doctor enjoys evaluation and treatment of extremity conditions as they relate to your overall health.
  • Rehabilitation protocols - Easy to incorporate into your daily schedule.
  • Custom orthotics casting
  • Convenience: Clinic is located just 7 minutes outside of the city of Rochester in Bushnell's Basin off of Exit 27 on 490.

MAR & IAR are treatment approaches that focus on the break down of adhesion within muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Each treatment involves the process of locating the exact area of pathology and using tension to break it down, focusing on anatomy and biomechanics. Manual work is done by hand. Whereas instrument work uses a new tool technology specifically shaped to match the problem.These treatment procedures are highly detailed and includes locating the exact spot, depth, tissue and proper motion to target the problem.

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Overuse injuries can result from repetitive athletic movements (running, golfing, biking, weightlifting), repetitive occupational demands, poor posture, or unresolved past injuries. Chronic soft-tissue stress (micro-trauma) can cause your body to produce tough, dense, scar tissue that alters normal movement patterns and joint function. Injuries then occur due to decreased range of motion, unequal distribution of stress on tissues, a lack of strength and pain. If a nerve is entrapped numbness, tingling and weakness may result.

Injury Cycle

The body is an amazing dynamic machine. Many systems are interrelated in order to produce the activities of daily living and peak performance. Injuries typically involve components from the soft-tissue system (muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve), the skeletal/ joint system, and movement pattern dysfunctions. All components of an injury are equally important and must be assessed and addressed in order to completely resolve the condition. The nervous system constantly monitors the information received from all systems and also directs movement, stability and coordination, key components of any performance activity.

  • Soft-tissue dysfunction = Manual Therapy
  • Joint dysfunction = Chiropractic manipulative therapy
  • Movement pattern dysfunction = Rehabilitative exercise
  • Nervous system = Controls feel & function

Treating an Injury

Chiropractic means “done by hand”. It is a licensed profession providing conservative healthcare in all 50 states. Treatment is performed using manual techniques to restore optimal function to the joints of the body. Chiropractors may also utilize rehabilitative procedures and provide lifestyle and/or nutritional counseling. Within this office, Chiropractic provides all of the above as well as a means to educate patients regarding their health, why they may have developed symptoms, and a plan for allowing them to achieve their health & lifestyle goals.

Appointment & Patient Questions

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We are currently in-network with BC/BS including Excellus and Anthem, other regional BC/BS plans, and EBS RMSCO health plans. For all other health plans we are an out-of-network provider. High deductible health plans mean that you will pay the visit fee, until reaching your deductible. We suggest all patients contact their insurance company to determine their benefits. Receipts are provided for easy reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Insurance Verification Form [PDF]

Each case presentation depends on the nature and details of the complaint. Factors that determine your need are your individual ability to recover, your treatment goals, age, activity level (occupation, sport, daily living requirements), severity of the condition, length of time you have had the condition and adherence to the treatment and rehabilitation recommendations. Using a model in which reassessments are performed before and after every visit, we are both aware of the results of treatment. Usually 8-16 treatments will provide enough information to know whether we are making progress.

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