New Patients

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New Patient Forms

Please complete the forms found below. We will review your medical history and current complaint(s) in order to develop a patient-centered diagnosis and formulate your treatment plan.

What can I expect during my new patient consultation?

The initial consultation consists of one-on-one time with the doctor to discuss your problem's precise details. The purpose of this visit is to determine if you are a candidate that will benefit from our treatment approach.

This requires 15 minutes. You must contact the office directly at 678-1362 to schedule your new patient consultation. You can download and complete forms from this page.

What can I expect if I am a candidate that will benefit from Dr. Matt Buffan's treatment?

The examination and report of findings is when the doctor conducts an orthopedic & functional examination to establish your patient-centered diagnosis, then presents the report of findings with your treatment plan.

This requires 30 minutes.

Treatment visits consist of case updates, functional test of your complaint, treatment then retest over 10-15 minutes.


What should I bring to my first appointment?

  • Completed paperwork
  • Loose clothing allowing evaluation of your complaint (ex. shorts for low back or leg complaint, tank top for shoulder or upper back problem
  • Any imaging scans and reports (MRI, X-ray, MR Arthrogram, etc.)
  • Insurance card. Please verify your insurance coverage prior to your visit by calling your insurance carrier and asking the questions on this form.