What We Treat

What We Treat

Conditions Treated:

Low back pain
Neck pain

Adhesions/scar tissue

Myalgia (muscle pain)
Carpal tunnel syndrome
IT band syndrome

Tennis or Golfer's elbow
Achilles pain

Shoulder pain
Rotator cuff pain or impingement
Hip impingement

Jumper's or runner's knee
Shin splints

Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
Neuritis and Radiculitis (nerve pain)
Metatarsalgia (foot pain)

These are the most common conditions treated, but if you have a different problem and you aren’t sure if it’s treatable, contact Dr. Matt.

Is it just a pulled muscle?

  • Rest alone won’t fix your problem
  • Do you want a chronic or recurring muscle tear?
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Sciatic Nerve Entrapment: Patient Education

  • Do you have Sciatica? Chronic tight hamstrings?
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  • Get fixed